VITO Erosion / Surface Protection Film

Polyurethane film protects rotor blades against erosion

The rotor blades of wind power stations are permanently exposed to heavy loads as, for example, by driving rain with a relative speed about 250 km/h, hail, insects, and dust particles. If the rotor blades are not protected, these mechanical impacts damage the surface in the course of time. Optimal protection against wear, erosion and abrasion can be achieved by applying a transparent polyurethane film stabilized against ultraviolet radiation.

The VITO erosion-protection film is coated on one side with a high-grade acrylic adhesive. It features an excellent resistance to abrasion and can be applied on three-dimensional surfaces due to its superior formability.

Product benefits

VITO erosion-protection films extend the service life of rotor blades without influencing their aerodynamics

Technical data and product properties


aliphatic thermoplastic PU-film


pure acrylic



Film thickness

300µm ± 10 %

Protective liner

siliconized paper, white

Peel strength of tape at 20°C
In acc. with DIN EN 1939

>= 16 N/25 mm
with elongation

Temperature resistance

-40 °C to 120 °C

Tensile strength (ISO 527-3/2/200)
(ISO 527-3/2/200)


> 40 MPa
> 40 MPa



Shore-Hardness A (ASTM D-2240 )

92 ± 2

Abrasion resistance (ASTM C501)

H 18 1500
H 18 1000

< 050 mg
< 100 mg

Yellowness-Index after 2000 h
(ASTM G-53, ASTM Dl 925)

< 0,49


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