Mirror Mounting Bracket

Invisible and self-adhesive with velcro fastening

VITOFIX PLUS 2 is sufficient for attaching mirrors with an area of up to 0.8 m² and a thickness of 6 mm (up to 12 kg mirror weight)


  1. Fix wall hooks and distance-holders with plug and screw on the wall.
  2. Remove the backside protection foil from the mirror holders and loop finish plates and place these self-adhesive parts onto the reverse of the mirror. The connecting system is immediately chargeable.
  3. Hang mirror into the wall hooks, align in horizontal direction, press velcro fastener – finished!

One set of VITOFIX PLUS mirror suspension consists of the following components

  • 2 mirror holders (self-adhesive)
  • 2 wall hooks
  • 2 velcro fastening plates (hook-and-loop part, the loop part is self-adhesive)
  • 1 Mounting instructions

The mirror holders are equipped with different self-adhesive PE foam tapes with a thickness of 1 mm: the tape with brown paper liner contains an acrylic adhesive, the one with white paper liner contains a synthetic rubber adhesive. These are characterized by high initial and final adhesive forces.

Processing instructions

The most important processing parameters and information on cleaning are listed in our Information on Processing Adhesive Tapes. Processing

Storage and shelf live

Das Produkt ist unverarbeitet im Originalkarton bei Raumtemperatur und einer relativen Luftfeuchtigkeit von 60 % zu lagern. Die Lagerfähigkeit beträgt 9 Monate nach Eingang beim Kunden.

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