VITO Surface Protection Films

All-round Protection

The transparent film provides protection against impact of stone chips, weathering, scratches and environmental impacts. It can be cut to size according to customer’s wishes and also produced as serial material.


  • Stone chip protection on bumpers, hoods, outside of wheelhouse and on lower car body
  • Protection of car body against corrosion, weathering influences and damage through environmental conditions
  • Protection against scratches and abrasion on loading edges of vehicles
  • Protection of vehicle door sills, door grips and locks
  • Vehicle paint protection for trims, roof frame- and drip collector rails
  • sound dampening and shock dampening for stops

Product benefits

  • Extremely strong and long -lasting acrylic adhesive
  • Optimum protection against mechanical stress and scratching
  • Good resistance to abrasion, tear and wear
  • Very good mechanical resistance against penetration
    Good dampening properties
  • Good flexibility for curved and irregular shapes
  • Printable and paintable

Produkte im Bereich Schutzfolien

VITO Erosion / Surface Protection Film

Extends the service life of rotor blades without influencing the aerodynamics

VITO Surface Protection Film

Transparent and UV-stabilized polyurethane films coated on one side with high-quality pure acrylic adhesive.


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