120-H Nail sealing tape, double-sided adhesive

Double-sided self-adhesive

Double-sided self-adhesive sealing tape of a closed-cell cross-linked polyethylene foam


VITOLEN 120 H Nageldichtband DSK is used for sealing of nail and screw penetration in the underlay at the application of counter battens on the rafters

Product benefits

  • can be applied at low temperature
  • the closed-cell foam hardly absorbs moisture


Version 1
The VITOLEN 120 H Nageldichtband DSK is glued to the clean and well-tensioned outside of the underlay. Then the counter battens are placed on the sealing tape strips and attached to the rafters with nails or screws.

Version 2
The nail sealing tape is glued to the clean and dry counter battens. - This can already be done in the workshop. After removing the liner, the counter battens are glued with the sealing tape side to the underlay and attached to the rafters with nails or screws. It must be ensured that the necessary contact pressure is available directly under the nail or screw.

Es ist dabei jeweils sicherzustellen, dass der notwendige Anpressdruck unmittelbar unter dem Nagel oder der Schraube vorhanden ist.

Storage and shelf live

6 months after receipt of goods, when stored at room temperature (20°C + 3°C and at 40 - 60 % relative humidity), in original packaging.

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Technical data and product properties


3 mm

density (DIN EN ISO 845)

25 kg/m³

compressive strength (DIN ISO 844)

at 25 %
at 50 %

35 kPa
100 kPa

compression set (ISO 1856)
22 h at 23 °C and 25 % deformation

0.5 h after discharge
24 h after discharge

22 %
12 %

Water absorption (ISO 2896)

≤ 1 vol%

temperature resistance

-30 °C to 80 °C

application temperature

5 °C to 30 °C

weathering resistance


resistance to condensation

very good




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