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Medicine Technology

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VITO prepares your medical preliminary products in a way that is individual, target-orientated and patient-friendly. With our skin-tolerant and certified special adhesives, neutral electrodes and other medical products can reach their highest possible performance. Due to an especially good long-term adhesive power, even under long-term exposure to transpiration and warm skin, the special adhesives from VITO work reliably.

Products in the field of medical technology

VITO stress mount

The permanent adhesive force is particularly strong, even under long-time strain with strong transpiration and a high level of heat on skin.

VITO Medmount

Suitable for use on skin. The foam is treated on the surface for better anchoring of adhesives and printing ink.

VITO Medvlies

VITO MEDVLIES 4 has been designed to manufacture ECG- and children cable electrodes. The adhesive combines good adhesion with good skin compatibility.


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