VITO Glazingmount


Spacer and vibration absorbing system for a large variety of applications

VITO Glazingmount 400 consists of a high-density double-side self-adhesive polyurethane foam. This quality is equipped with a high-performance acrylate-based adhesive. This product is especially designed – as spacer tape – for applications in the assembly and mounting of structural glazing systems with entire glass façades.

VITO Glazingmount 400 has already been successfully applied for the construction of façades, halls, winter gardens, the fitting of windows and as spacer and vibration absorbing system for a large variety of applications.

The use of high-grade pure acrylic adhesive ensures excellent shear resistance on surfaces consisting of glass, steel and anodized aluminium. The tape is characterized by an excellent resistance against weathering and UV radiations.


VITO Glazingmount 400 is especially designed as spacer tape for structural glazing systems of entire glass facades. It is also used for the construction of halls and winter gardens, the fitting of windows and as spacer and vibration absorbing system for a large variety of applications.

Product benefits

  • The high-performance adhesive has very good shear adhesion on glass, steel and anodized aluminium. By appropriate application the double-side spacer tape keeps the involved components in position, until the silicone is hardened.
  • The black adhesive surfaces effect a uniform appearance of the glazing.
  • The low thermal conductivity of the PU foam contributes its part to the thermal insulation and reduces fogging due to condensation water.
  • VITO Glazingmount 400 is compatible with all tested silicones. The certificates of the silicone producers are available.
  • VITO Glazingmount 400 is successfully tested as distance tape for structural glazing by the Institut für Fenstertechnik in Rosenheim, Germany (ift test report 507 20370 from 20.08.1998

Processing instructions

The most important processing parameters and information on cleaning are listed in our Information on Processing Adhesive Tapes. Processing

Storage and shelf live

12 months after receipt of goods, when stored non processed, at room temperature and 60 % relative humidity, in original packaging


VITO Glazingmount 400 ESK mit nur einseitiger Klebstoffbeschichtung, aber doppelseitiger Schwarzfärbung zur Vermeidung von optisch beeinträchtigenden Lufteinschlüssen.


Technical data and product properties


3,2 / 4,8 / 6,4 or 8,0 mm
other thicknesses on request

Density (ISO 845)
(DIN EN ISO 845)

425 kg/m³

(ASTM D 2240)

42 Shore A

Compressive strength
(DIN 53 577)

at 10 % Deformation

300 kPa

thermal conductivity
(DIN 52 612)

0,08 W/m·K

dynamic tensile adhesion
(VITO test instruction 008)

at 20 °C

≥ 300 kPa

dynamic shear adhesion
(VITO test instruction 009)

at 20 °C

≥ 300 kPa

static shear adhesion
(VITO test instruction 001
acc. to DIN EN 1939

at 20 °C and
5 N / 6,25 cm² load
15 N / 6,25 cm² load

≥ 2000 h
≥ 4 h

Temperature resistance

-40 °C bis 80 °C

application temperature

15 °C to 30 °C

weathering resistance





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