PET 230

For sealing of fire-protection glass

The product is a single coated self-adhesive aluminum foil, laminated with PET-film.


VITOMINIUM PET 230 is used as edge protector for fire-protection glass. The aluminum film is watervapor-tight and acts as protection against penetration of moisture. The laminated PET film protects the aluminum film from damage caused by transport and mounting of the fire-protection glass.

Product benefits

  • good adhesive strength to glass, metal and PVC
  • high initial adhesive strength
  • water vapor tight
  • high mechanical stability

Processing instructions

The most important processing parameters and information on cleaning are listed in our Information on Processing Adhesive Tapes. Processing

Storage and shelf live

12 months after receipt of goods, when stored non processed, at room temperature and 60 % relative humidity, in original packaging

product composition

composition du produit

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Technical data and product properties

Total thickness

230 µm

peel adhesion
acc. to DIN EN 1939:1996

on steel at 20°C

25 N / 25 mm

shear adhesion
acc. to DIN EN 1943:1996

on steel at 20°C
on steel at 50°C

20 N / 625 mm²
5 N / 625 mm²

Temperature resistance

-40°C to 90°C


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