Sealing Tapes

Sealing - Insulation - Distance Keeping

VITOLEN sealing tapes adhere very well to a wide variety of surfaces. The closed-cell foam has good thermal insulation properties and hardly absorbs any moisture.

VITO sealing tapes are made of a closed cell PET-Foam equipped on one side with a special pressure sensitive glue favorable to an intact environment. The elasticity of the VITO sealing tapes compensates the movements caused by wind load stressing as well as by changes in temperature and humidity. These may occur at different speed and may overlap.

Suitably applied and in conjunction with commercially available elastic sealing materials VITO sealing tapes ensure closed glazing joints which show efficient weathering resistance. Produced in the mentioned way, the durably elastic glazing joint performs its function for many years.

A positive side effect of using sealing tapes is better insulation against noise transmission. VITO sealing tapes are plasticiser-free. They can be used in a temperature range from -80° C to 50° C and are compatible with commercially available elastic sealants. High peel and shear values guarantee a strong adhesive bond. A primer is only recommended for uneven, porous substrates in order to achieve perfect adhesion. As a rule, no primer is required. The glass rebate must be dry and free of release agents and dust.
The recommended temperature of application is between 2 °C and 30 °C.

Sealing tapes made of polyethylene foam should not be exposed to direct sunlight, as high UV exposure can attack the top layer of the material. VITO sealing tapes are available in different versions.




Foam adhesive tape for applications with high UV exposure


VITOLEN 111 is used for sealing and insulation


VITOLEN 120 is used for sealing and insulation.


VITOLEN 110 is used for sealing and insulating purposes and as distance tape. It is especially used when a high compressive strength is required.

VITOLEN 120 Bobbins

VITOLEN 120 bobbins for automatic application


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