VITO Stacking discs

Safety and comfort for sensitive surfaces

During the production, storage and transport of products made of glass, PVC and metal, the VITO distance and shipping pads protect the sensitive surfaces from damage.

VITO distance and shipping pads are at the same time nonskid shock absorbers and spacers. They help to reduce costs and to avoid transport damages.

The properties of the cork material, adhesive foam and cellular rubber allow a large variety of applications. They are perfectly suitable for the stacking and transportation of insulation glass units or finished windows and doors made of PVC and metal.


VITOFLEX Stacking discs

Vitoflex stacking discs are used for stacking and transporting plastic and metal windows.

VITO Stacking discs

Stacking discs, slightly self-adhesive with a paper backing


Distance and shippig pads made of cork, with self-adherent PVC foam. Different versions available!

VITOKORK für Lisec / Forel Automaten

For automatic processing for Lisec / Forel machines

VITOKORK für Glaston / Lenhardt / Bystronic

Für die automatische Verarbeitung mit für Glaston / Lenhardt / Bystronic Maschinen

VITOKORK stacking discs

The spacer pads for glass are based on agglomerated PUR-bonded cork equipped with a low-adherent adhesive on one side.


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