100 PW

Sealing and dampening

Single-sided self-adhesive sealing tape based on polyvinyl chloride foam (PVC) with mostly closed cells and exposed adhesive side. The siliconized paper acts as reinforcement and can be removed after application of the tape.


VITOSEAL 100 PW is used for dampening and sealing, for interior and exterior use.

Product benefits

  • The elastic property of the foam enables very good conformance to all surfaces.
  • The “quick roll” asy application without overexpansion.
  • The foam is self-extinguishing and has a very good UV resistance.

Processing instructions

The most important processing parameters and information on cleaning are listed in our Information on Processing Adhesive Tapes. Processing

Storage and shelf live

6 months after receipt of goods, when stored at room temperature (20°C + 3°C and at 40 - 60 % relative humidity), in original packaging.


Technical data and product properties


3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 mm

density (DIN EN ISO 845)

100 - 125 kg/m³

compressive strength (ASTM 1667)

0 sec. 12 - 33 kPa
60 sec. 4 - 16 kPa

hardness shore 00

20 - 40

compression set (DIN 53572)
50 % / 23 °C / 72 h

<= 45 %

water absorption

<= 30 %

flammability foam (FMVSS 302)

<= 100 mm/min (ab 6 mm)

Compression waterseal (U-test)

up 30 % compression

thermal conductivity λ

0,052 W/m∙K


very good

weathering resistance


Verträglichkeit mit Acrylglas und Polycarbonat

not given

Weitere Informationen entnehmen Sie bitte dem TechnischenDatenblatt


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