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The safety of your products is the focus

Stacking discs & spacers from VITO give your products the necessary safety during production, storage and transport. At the same time they protect sensitive surfaces and thus make a significant contribution to cost reduction and avoidance of transport and storage damage.

Our glazing tapes guarantee a closed and weather-resistant glazing joint.

Adhesive tapes for use in facade and window construction, in conservatory and hall construction as well as spacers and vibration dampers complete our portfolio in the area of glass / window / facade.

Products in the area of glass / windows / facades

VITOMOUNT mirror tapes

Double-sided self-adhesive mounting tapes for the mounting of mirrors

VITOFIX Mirror Mounting Bracket

The intelligent, concealed mirror suspension from VITO: Safe, time and cost saving. After assembly, the mirror can be removed and reattached without tools.

VITO Stacking discs

VITO distance and shipping pads are at the same time nonskid shock absorbers and spacers. They help to reduce costs and to avoid transport damages.


VITOMOUNT DG 75 is particularly appropriate for mounting of insulation glass with PVC window sash profiles.

VITOMOUNT 125 glazing bar tape

Window sash bar mounting tape: for the fixing of window sash bars made of PVC, wood and metal.

VITO spacer

Self-Adhesive spacers for the storage and transport of sensitive surfaces

VITOLEN glazing tapes

With VITO glazing tapes, in conjunction with commercially available elastic sealants, a closed and weather-resistant glazing joint is guaranteed.

VITO glazing mount 400

Spacer tape for the assembly in the building façade (structural glazing) and for the fixing of frames on thermal solar collectors.


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