Vito Stressmount


Double-sided self-adhesive polyethylene foam

Suitable for adhesion on human skin.


VITO Stressmount RM 120 DSK PW was developed as a basis material for ECG electrodes and other medical products. Permanent adhesive force is particularly strong, even under long-time strain with strong transpiration and a high level of heat on skin.

Storage and shelf live

12 months after receipt of goods, when stored non processed, at room temperature and 60 % relative humidity, in original packaging


Technical data and product properties


white (other colors upon request)

Thickness of foam

1,0 mm or 1,5 mm (0,8 mm upon request)

Surface weight

appr. 90 g / m2 or 120 g / m2

Peel adhesion on stainless steel
according to DIN EN 1939

foam failure

Loop-Tack on polypropylene,
according to FINAT FTM 9

≥ 13 N / 25 mm

Temperature resistance

-40 °C to 70 °C

Sterilisation feasibility

with steam, UV-light and gamma radiation


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