Good for the environment

Climate change is becoming increasingly visible to all of us. For this reason, we are making our processes more and more sustainable. We believe that reducing CO2 emissions and working daily on solutions for a more environmentally friendly production is a priority.

Through various measures, we have been able to save almost 30 % of fossil gas and CO2 since 2021.

Clean electricity from solar energy

Our 100 KWp photovoltaic system supplies around 100,000 kWh of electrical energy annually. This is clean electricity, most of which flows straight into our production.

Since 2021, we have therefore covered a significant part of our electricity consumption through our own energy production.

New waste gas purification facility

Our new waste gas purification system will make a further significant contribution to the reduction of CO2 Up to 80 % of emissions will be avoided, CO2 emissions and primary energy consumption will be reduced accordingly. The new system is expected to go into operation in 2025 and will have an investment volume of over 1 million euros.

New plant according to the KfW 55-standard

Long before the energy crisis, we invested in modern heat pump technology and state-of-the-art building insulation for the construction of our new factory in Remagen. The heating energy required in the KfW standard is less than 40 kWh/m²a.

Seven heat exchangers, each with an output of 10,2 kW, managed to achieve an electricity consumption of less than <10 kWh/m²a in 2022, which corresponds to class “A+”. Therefore, this exceeded significantly the requirements of the KfW Standard 55.

Process and raw material optimisation

We record energy consumption at product level, with the aim of identifying particularly inefficient products and processes and optimising them sustainably.

In addition, we are working on circular economy projects and, in collaboration with two university institutes, on a publicly funded project regarding the use of renewable raw materials in adhesive tapes.